Celebrate the 100th running of Indy 500

Towns all around Indiana have been anxiously waiting for this race day and they’re showing their support by placing checkered flags on storefronts ,in neighborhoods.and around the city. This year’s race will mark the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, a proud and historic moment for Hoosiers and race fans. Let's celebrate the Indy 500!

Julie Browning Bova Design
Checkered Flags! 

Julie Browning Bova Home Collection 


Julie Browning Bova Home Collection 

Julie Browning Bova for Buckles in a Snap!

You dream what you're supposed to do.

~Mario Andretti

Wild Ride...Ellen' s Design Challenge Season 2

Ellen’ Design Challenge Season 2 will come to a close tonight at 9:00pm on HGTV with the last challenge and the grand finale of Season 2. The show this evening will have the final two talented designers competing for the prize of 100,000.00 prize from Wayfair.com and the opportunity to share their work in a future spread in the popular HGTV magazine. I am excited to see the final episode and design challenge.

  • Me and the Cast of Ellen's Design Challenge Season 2- Meet the Cast 
Julie Browning Bova, Indianapolis, Ind. Vivian Beer, Manchester, N.H.;Miles  Endo, Providence, R.I McKenzie Gibson, Providence, R.I
  Kyle Huntoon, Detroit, Mich Bradley Bowers, Miami, Fla.;Melissa Rivera Torres, Pleasant Hill, Calif 
  Dave Yale, San Jose, Calif. Sef Pinney, Los Angeles; Calif. Alexis Moran, Orinda, Calif 

As a participate in Ellen’s Design Challenge season 2, Meet the Cast; I was surrounded by creative and talented individuals. I loved the idea of the show, the possibilities to collaborate and build my designs during the challenges. I was completely out of my comfort zone, my knees were really shaking and nothing could prepare me for what was about to happen. I was very serious. I was going with the flow and enjoying the first hours of interaction with the other contestants.

Cliff Fong, Ellen Degeneres and Christiane Lemieux 
Standing before the judges, the cast and crew I found I was completely at a loss for words. 
 I was ready to work. I was open and eager to face the furniture challenges . 
But this was a different arena for me...Not everyday do you find yourself in this arena if you know what I mean. I was out of my zone, my routine and far away from home base . 
I really had no idea how to do this...
( a perfect boost to my future creative energy! )
As it was my turn to present my portfolio to the judges, I had a lot of thoughts and emotions.
 I had played this moment in my head and I knew the key points to share. I quietly absorbed and listened to the words of the judges of the previous contestants who went before me . 
The reviews were filled with both positive and constructive criticism. I had no strategy. I have always been conditioned to accept critical feedback and respond to make things better, adjust and overall goal to improve.  People who know me would say, I am full of words and enthusiasm for my industry, my profession and my designs…But during this experience I was guarded, quiet and reserved and observing my surroundings. 


 Julie Browning Bova

... and then POOF!  In a blink of an eye! 
 I was walking toward the exit. 
After all the calls, anxiety, interviews, portfolio reviews,
 not to mention that incredible call from Ellen to pack my bags and head out for an adventure of a lifetime...my time was over. 
My stay on the set was brief, but the Ellen's Design Challenge experience and
 cast have made a lasting impression.  In that short time, I also learned a lot about myself. 

I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from my city, the love of family and friends, the huge embrace from my industry partners. I received FaceBook comments, emails, letters and gifts from complete strangers, sharing their disappointment in the process and my early departure.The common thread of the feedback was that they all loved my work. So many people could appreciate my design, style, understand my story, enjoy the furniture, and see the equestrian passion in my craft.  I loved the positive feedback and the important message and take away. Accepting these amazing compliments filled my soul with pride. My favorite letter was a handwritten note from a beautiful mother of four who shared her thoughts and I will forever appreciate her kind words. She sent this letter after seeing press on my portfolio and my appearance on EDC…she wrote the nicest compliments and congratulated me . 
 she wrote..

 "I feel moved to congratulate you on your myriad successes .  
You are an inspiration to me! “

Inspiring people to challenge themselves was a great feeling.  
I am a mom and everyday I am so open to learning new things. Its important!
I believe the most important lesson from EDC Season 2 was to grow and to continue to enjoy the design process. I learned to have a greater appreciation for my achievements,
my amazing staff, clients, my past, my valuable education, travel , talent and my mentors. 
I am always focused on the next thing, or others, so to have this unexpected, wonderful, scary stop in my design journey…priceless! 
The entire experience and group of new friends has added value and unforgettable lessons of living to my life skills. 
All of these important items listed above, plus numerous opportunities and support from so many, have played a major part in shaping my personal journey...it is after all what landed me in the EDC green room. 

A heart felt thank you to all involved in Ellen's Design Challenge Season 2, for the chance to step into the unknown of reality television. I am grateful to Ellen for this special recognition, I appreciate the casting people, the EDC cast and crew, and HGTV. Most importantly, a special thank you goes to my family and my design team who unconditionally supported me and who without hesitation insisted I pack and go!

Thank you, Thank you!!!


Flower Power ... Everything is coming up Daisies!!

SUMMER 2016-Daisy by Dolce Gabbana 

SUMMER 2016 -Daisy by Dolce Gabbana  

Flowers always make people better,
 happier, and more helpful; 
they are sunshine...

 Luther Burbank

Love at First Site...

We have been Scouted!! So excited to be included in this special publication !!
 Thank you Molly!

Miu Miu 

Welcome to the blog world!!
But First Denim and
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Miu Miu 

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